M. Ward Hold Time & Antony and the Johnsons Everglade

This is just beautiful. I know Day & Night Digital had this a few weeks back, but I got the CD last week and just get lost in the brooding spendidness of this. Somehow, M. Ward always manages to have about two totally stunning tracks per album. I’m so distracted with this one that I haven’t properly taken in the rest, but it sounds really good.

Segue this into Everglade, the closing track on Antony And the Johnsonsnewie and you’ll bliss out. Just listen to that orchestra soar! I have a playlist with just these two tracks. 2009 is shaping up very well indeed.


You may also enjoy Chinese Translation by M. Ward. Lovely video.



  1. robin

    Today I chanced to hear M Ward’s cover of B Holly’s ‘Rave On’, liked it rather a lot, and was reminded of this very blog post of yours. I may be moved to investigate further…

  2. themilkman

    Don’t know the M Ward track, but Everglade is so beautiful and pure, absolutely stunning song. It’s so intimist and delicate, yet cinematic and ambitious, probably on of the very best songs they’ve done. The album is brilliant too, much lighter than I Am A Bird Now, which actually gives a chance to really appreciate Antony’s voice away from the heavy pathos of some of their songs.

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