Pet Shop Boys, Brandon Flowers & Lady GaGa @ The Brits

10 years ago on this forum, I suggested that the PSBs were beyond pop and were artists in the most sincere sense of the word. Tonight showcased that in a way that their live shows often do, but this time to a mass audience who never really understood. How gratifying to imagine the heathens finding the whole experience weirdly arcane. The audience at Earl’s Court betrayed all of the body language redolent of the fanbase during Performance in 1991: slack-jawed bemusement. What *are* we watching?  From Drico on Pet Shop Boys Community Message Board


See previous post. Especially No. 5

They rocked. And didn’t the new tracks, Love Etc and All Over The World, sound pretty good too?

(iTunes has 30-second snippets of the new album available now)



  1. themilkman

    tbh, I was not that impressed with the meddley thing, I don’t think it worked particularly well at times. The way Love etc dropped for instance was shady to say the least. Loved the acceptance speech via video screen, that was very PSB.

    Booked tickets for the O2 gig in June and looking forward to it very much, as always. I think by then they will be the band I’ve seen live the most.

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