Juvenilia or Junk? Random Stuff from Those Boxes at the Back of the Wardrobe

‘Cleaning out my closet’ as Eminem once mellifluously rapped. I bet he didn’t have to contend with 24-year-old mixtapes, Minidisc players, photos of self and others looking obscenely young, and alarming cassettes of the Now That’s What I Call Music 7 variety. Oh no, I bet it was all Uzis and Harley Davidson lighters with Eminem…



  1. Mike A

    i love your deadpan delivery of the things you found ‘in the closet’ ! it certainly gave me a little chuckle.

    the brick phone is killer. also — i say keep the mini-disc. it’s all about the retro – kitsch factor in another decade or so.

  2. eguinan

    Deadpan? Moi? 😀

    I really love the idea of MiniDiscs – so cute and clattery in their lil’ cases. But Sony borked it up by pretending that mp3 wasn’t going to fly. They realised their mistake too late as iPods became the talk of the town.

  3. Mike A

    oh yes — now i remember. the whole transferring to ATRAC3 thing!!! nowadays it wouldn’t be so bad considering how inexpensive it is to buy computer hard drive space. oh well — now you can store it in your new closet space on top of your old BETAMAX! 🙂

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