Bishop Richard Williamson’s Apology: A Translation

Here’s the full transcript of Muppet Bishop Richard Williamson‘s apology. 


The Holy Father and my Superior, Bishop Bernard Fellay, have requested [Translation: I have been forced to write this.] that I reconsider the remarks I made on Swedish television four months ago, because their consequences have been so heavy. [Sorry that the remarks brought heat on the Pope – not really sorry about the remarks being reprehensible].Observing these consequences I can truthfully say that I regret having made such remarks [Again, if the Jews and liberals hadn’t thrown a hissy fit, I wouldn’t be apologising], and that if I had known beforehand the full harm and hurt to which they would give rise, especially to the Church [Sorry again Papa], but also to survivors and relatives [let’s not put a specific number here. A plural could be two or 300,000 or 6 million (ha ha)] of victims of injustice under the Third Reich, I would not have made them. [I should have known better than say things that the Jews and liberals might get wind of. Fricking internet…]On Swedish television I gave only the opinion (…”I believe”…”I believe”…) of a non-historian [I’ll leave this open. They can think I’m calling myself a non-historian or else that I got my Holocaust denial stuff from some other quack], an opinion formed 20 years ago on the basis of evidence then available, and rarely expressed in public since. [It’s ‘rarely’ expressed, but it could be true though, right?]  

However, the events of recent weeks [hissy fits] and the advice [ball busting] of senior members of the Society of St. Pius X have persuaded me of my responsibility for much distress caused [I’ve been told to take the heat off the top dogs]. To all souls that took honest scandal from what I said [Some of you have been milking it a bit, no?], before God I apologize.

As the Holy Father has said [screamed], every act of injust violence against one man hurts all mankind [he was really really fucked off when Angela Merkel phoned].

+Richard Williamson,
London, 26 February, 2009



  1. Sharon

    Excellent translation of his greasy, sneaky words. The bit about opinions formed on 20 year old evidence is a lie too, it was well known 20 years ago just how bad the holocaust was.

  2. Pat H.

    Why call somebody a muppet when you don’t know the full details of the Society of St. Pius X versus the pro-Jewish lobby/politically ‘correct’ media issue which has evolved over the last 30 years.

    I suggest you look in the mirror to see a muppet.
    Pat H.

  3. Pat H.

    Hi E,
    This would take a PhD thesis going into all the contextual details about the Society of St. Pius X’s strained relations with the post-Vatican II Catholic Church and wider politically-‘correct dominated society, but I’ll try to give a few brief insights.

    * SSPX feel aggrieved at a Traditional Catholic experience (e.g. Old Latin Mass, Thomist Philosophy, Medieval Mystics) being lost through the 2nd Vatican Council.

    * SSPX founder Archbishop Lefebvre founded the Society as a refuge for maintaining Catholic Tradition

    * Over the last 30-35 years, SSPX has been embroiled in ideological conflict with pro-Jewish lobby groups such as Anti-Defammation League and B’nai B’rith (SSPX believe the latter had a role in 2nd Vatican Council through a friendship with Pope John XXIII)

    * SSPX still adhere to a libertarian way of expressing opinions, not feeling intimidated by politically-‘correct’ thought police (for SSPX, liberalism and modernism are enemies, they wouldn’t acknowledge things like postmodernism or ‘post-postmodernism’, and view political ‘correctness’ as being for imbecilles, the latter being one of the Bishop’s quotes as it happens)

    * SSPX are basically a refuge for conservative Catholics who reject the modern Western world, and feel persecuted by the modern world, especially the all-encompassing politically-‘correct’ ideology of the present-day Western world.

    * The Bishop has been expressing his views on the holocaust and the Jews for 20-25 years, and next to nobody has cared (the politically ‘correct’ mass media have made an issue of it now, as they’re frightened to death of the SSPX legally rejoining the Church – SSPX is one of the few parts of Catholicism which is attracting followers).

    * Having met Bishop W. twice whom I don’t particularly like, I feel that this is a man behaving out of a sense of desperation, expressing a Monty-Python type absurdity to attack both an ideological (not racial) Judaism, the Bishop actually had a Jewish rabbi friend in Argentina, and politically ‘correct’ secular society whom he believes are responsible for destroying his vision of Christendom (the SSPX worldview is Scholastic and pre-French Revolution/Enlightenment).

    To know what’s created this poor man, a whole myriad of historical and social details have to be taken into account that I just don’t have time for dealing with here, but another couple of points:

    * SSPX and other committed Christian groups feel aggrieved that Jewish holocaust is championed while the Ukrainian and Armenian holocausts are ignored (e.g. because Armenians and Ukrainians are Christians)

    * SSPX would classify abortion as being the worst holocaust, interpreting it as a politically-‘correct’ genocidal massacre of unborn children

    * SSPX would ask if the Bishop’s figure of 200,000-300,000 Jews is any more preposterous as the pro-Jewish lobby figure of 6 million (living in Poland, the common feeling is that the Nazis may’ve killed more Slavs than Jews, of course this could be Slavic bias)

    Sorry, I can’t give the time to continue with this, but these few insights might give something of an indication about what historical and social conditions have constructed this man, and given him a sense of persecution from which his innacurate numerical figures probably spring. Thanks also for giving me the opportunity to build up a more complex, contextualised picture of the poor Bishop (I went to the SSPX Masses for many years, so there might be some experiential validity here, or you might just view this as merely anecdotal).
    Anyway, cheers for giving me the space,
    Pat H.

    * SSPX

  4. manuel

    crikey……well having read that I’m with you…….the bishop is a muppet and quite possibly he needs more persecution not less……and maybe some prosecution too…..

  5. Daddy or Chips?

    Thanks Pat for the time you have taken on this.

    As suspected, it would require a PhD in order to fully understand it, but as with most topics, we tend not to have that luxury so we form opinions based on knowledge filtered through the work of others. Otherwise, we would never be entitled to have an opinion on anything!

    The detail you share here leaves me, like Manuel, less sympathetic than before. Context helps us understand what ‘constructs’ a person so that we can look less harshly at the impressionable youth who makes stupid decisions such as, say, joining the Hitler Youth, but in this case we have an educated, cultured adult. As interesting as the backround of SSPX is, the material you shared feel less like reasons and more like excuses.

    Whatever his background, that apology is pretty shameful: a squirming weasel-worded attempt that adheres to the letter and not the spirit of an apology. Why did he bother?

    I shall not be revoking the Bishop’s muppet status just yet. And I don’t much like the sound of his SSPX chums either.

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