Robert Webb Flashdance for Comic Relief & Some Fascinating Facts!

TV highlight of the year? And did you know that the original sequence wasn’t performed by Jennifer Beals but by several people including Crazy Legs, a chap who was part of Rock Steady Crew

Jennifer Beals love interest in Flashdance was played by Michael Nouri who curently plays Patty Hewes husband on scary old legal drama Damages.

The soundtrack for Flashdance (which I bought as a tot) had a track called He’s a Dream by Shandi which was fairly standard forgettable soundtrack filler. In 2004, Deep Dish sampled it and turned into a megahit called… Flashdance.

He’s a Dream: Shandi

Flashdance: Deep Dish

Flashdance was directed by Adrian Lyne who also directed Fatal Attraction starring Glenn Close, who plays scary old Patty Hewes in Damages, whose husband is… oh you know the rest….

What are (is?) your Flashdance-related trivia? Can you get Kevin Bacon in there? Mmm, bacon. Is it lunchtime?

Hey! You! The Rock Steady Crew, tell ’em what you do: make a break, make a move…


[“Worst post ever!” Statler & Waldorf]


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