Cow-tipping: quite possibly the best thing PSB have ever done?

I’m not referring the Yes, the new album (out this week, get it), which is delightful, but the Best Thing Ever is a track on the album called The Way It Used To Be‘ or ‘The way it used to be’ if you are a PSB punctuation pedant.

It’s low key, grown-up, sophisticated, crammed with hooks and is a co-write/produce with Xenomania. According to the commentary, they imagined it as a duet with Tina Turner no less.

Unfortunately, I’ve just read the lyrics and am most disappointed to learn that Neil sings ‘I was there caught on Tenth Avenue’ not ‘I was there, cow-tipping, and you…’ Check it out at 2:50. Oh well.



  1. themilkman

    I have to agree with you here that this is probably one of re best songs they’ve ever recorded. This is about as perfect as it gets.

    Had to trek half way across town yesterday after Amazon failed to even dispatch the limited edition version I’d ordered before the date. Eventually got it in HMV Oxford St and it was worth the wait. The album is brilliant, and the additional CD is pretty top too. What did you make of it?

  2. john

    Can you just imagine the outfits in the video if they were cow-tipping!
    Fantastic CD! Pandemonium is my favorite, as is This Used To Be The Future!
    It’s all good actually!!!

  3. Daddy or Chips?

    @themilkman. I think it’s a great album. It works very well as a cohesive all the way through listen (although Building a Wall and Legacy aren’t as impressive, for differing reasons). I love the ‘Belinda Carlisle moment’ on More Than A Dream, Love Etc gets better on every listen. I thought Did You See Me Coming? was disposable fluff on first listen with the free Cd, but now I think it’s a stormin’ pop track. On the whole, it’s like Very, but The Way It Used To Be makes it better. And it doesn’t have Go West. 😀

    @john It’s a belter. I tried to get their attention on Twitter with the cowtipping reference, so who knows? Second Single: Pandemoonium? The Way It Moos To Be? More Than A Cream? 😉

  4. Fitz

    Ha! Love the cow tipping comment. When I first heard “Did you see me coming?” I thought Neil was singing something about ‘calling a slut’, but he actually says “to catch your slot”. haha.

    Indeed, “The way it used to be” is probably one of the best tracks they’ve ever written.

  5. themilkman

    I got the calling a slut thing too, and still do even when I know it’s not. Funny.

    @eguinan I think I know what you mean about the Belinda Carlisle moment, there’s something a bit Circles in the Sand about that song. Also, Vulnerable reminds me a bit of Kylie’s Love Boat in the way the chords work.

    When I heard the guitars onthe into of Did You See Me Coming?, I though we were in for Release 2, but then it kicked in and I forgot about it. Great track. I certainly agree with you about Building a Wall, not their finest song. It’s got album filler written all over it. Apart for that, a great successor to Fundamental.

  6. themilkman

    One point that I missed there is that on Did You See Me Coming, I love how the vocal harmonies make his voice sounds very metallic when he sings “was I that obvious”.

  7. Fitz

    I also thought on “Did you see me coming” Neil sings (And then I saw you there, in the nude), when he actually says (I saw you there, and I knew).


  8. eguinan

    Agreeing to you all! That track is still getting much repeat play round here.

    Apparently Did You See Me Coming is the next single. What on earth are they thinking?

  9. jon627

    Hi Everyone!

    I bought the 2 CD limited edition (Holland Import) and love it! However, I was wondering if any of you found a defect on the disc data? On disc one when I ripped it into Windows Media Player it shows data as the PSB “Please” song titles and art work? Disc two data is correct. I thought maybe it was an import defect so I bought a U.S. copy from Amazon and ironically it also has the same wrong data???? Has anybody experienced this. I have been looking around the Internet and I haven’t found anyone mentioning this. Is it only me?

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