Jeez, I haven’t updated in ages. It’s been all go.

1. One is settling more and more in London. Comfortable enough to poke my Flip in these poor boys’ faces while out bowling (bowling!) on a Friday night. No blogging can be done in Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre Bowling Alley.

2. One is also gradually getting more houseproud and domesticated. We are now prone to visiting garden centres and flick through websites and catalogs looking for Australian sail-style shades and suitable pots for the lemon tree. This sort of fresh air behaviour to blogging itself does not lend.

3. This is usually followed by a ‘spot of lunch’ somewhere while invariably leads to beer and/or wine. Beer/Wine does not lend itself to blogging (Ok, it kinda does..)

4. We are getting way too addicted to Battlestar Galactica Series 4. We have found out who the final Cylon is and we have about 6 more eps left. Again, this is rather a nice way to spend a Friday, but does not lend itself to blogging.

5. They’re flinging work at me to take home. Which is what I should be doing right now. Again, this is not conducive to bloggage, but in this case, a sanity break is needed.

6. I’ll be buggering off to Brazil on Thursday, so I daresay I won’t blog much for a week, but I shall take my Flip and I shall record my screams as I hang on for dear life on the back of a buggy defying gravity in the sand dunes of Natal.



  1. eguinan

    @Manuel. I know! As my mother says “I hope it stays fine for you”.

    @Conor. Thanks, m’dear. I still want to say things and do things online though. For purely Anthropological reasons of course (not ‘self-indulgent nonsense’ as Other Half calls it.) 🙂

  2. eguinan

    Thanks David, I’m escaping the Bludget. Denial is a valid response.

    Lottie, don’t dare! But I do hope that you were satisfied with the way things went. And hopefully, we shall be too!

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