Brilliant Sunshine, or ‘that oddly-affecting synth noise’

Today was filled with brilliant sunshine, which led me to drag out Brilliant Sunshine by whatever-happened-to 90’s Irish pop act Treehouse Diner. I remember ver Treehouse being somewhat of an oddity back in the early 90s. While every other Irish act wanted to be rocky U2 types (thereby extinguishing within me whatever support can be mustered through patriotism), Treehouse Diner were rather intelligent pop. A less sophisticated Prefab Sprout perhaps?

Treehouse Diner

Treehouse Diner



And then I heard it again. That odd synthesizer sound that floats throughout this track and many others from the mid-to-late 80s. It could be a Thomas Dolby thing, because it was all over Steve McQueen. A sort of metallic ‘oooooooooooooo’ that manages to make even very happy songs like this sound rather melancholy. 

Have a listen:

Where is that ooooooooooooooo now one wonders? If anyone knows what it’s called and where I can get it, do tell; I can think of zillions of tracks that could be saddened up with a bit of oooooooooooooooooo.



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