Should I have said hi to Alejandro Escovedo yesterday?

Boy and I were having some cocktails in ‘budget boutique’ Hoxton Hotel, when four persons sat at the same table as us (it was getting crowded). All good, three seemed to be American (and very quietly spoken) and one was an English guy, quite distinguished looking with a walking stick.

This chap was a tad louder and I heard him talking about The Clash and I got the impression he might be a musician. Boy felt he looked familiar. I looked more closely at one of the other men and clicked that he was US alt-rock/country person Alejandro Escovedo, whose Pissed Off 2AM and A Nickel and a Spoon are a couple of my favourite songs. I Googled him discreetly and learned that he was in London for a tribute to The Clash in the Barbican last Tuesday, so it was quite concievably him sitting in front of me.

We were about to finish our drinks and leave at this point, so I reckoned I should find out if it was him and tell him that I liked his music and wish him well. Boy reckoned I should leave him alone and not invade his privacy. 

What do you think?  I reckon he wouldn’t really have minded and might have actually liked some random Irish guy recognising him and actually knowing some of his stuff. He’s not terribly well known despite having about 6 million albums under his belt and a ringing endorsement from Bruce Spingsteeen. Or was Boy right? Should tipsy me have left the poor man alone with his friends to enjoy his cappuccino?

Turns out I didn’t have to make the choice. He finished his coffee and headed upstairs. 

Here’s the rather lovely Pissed Off 2AM for your delectation. Some stuff on iTunes too, but not enough.

UPDATE: Audio should be working now. Mediafire doesn’t like AAC, it seems.



  1. ah-clem

    You should have said hello. I have seen him 3 or 4 times in the last several years, and have had the opportunity to say hi and tell him how much I have enjoyed his music. He was always friendly and chatty.

    • eguinan

      That’s really nice to hear. I got the impression that he would be a nice guy.

      Now, I’m going to say “I told you so’ to the Boy! 😀

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