Twitter-ye-why not

psb-twitter-bootsI love how Chris Lowe has totally gotten into Twitter this last while. He’s great at uploading Twitpics from television studios and various other popstar situations. And you can eavesdrop on tweets between PSB and other ‘slebs. How v modern.

He just uploaded this pic of Neil and Tom ‘Superchumbo’ Stephen (Neil’s ex, I think) having tea*.

It makes me feel slightly better about YouTubing our SingStar exploits, Twittering at conferences and the like.

* And how English of them to be having tea at 4pm.



  1. David Minogue

    Enda, have the Pet Shop Boys ever say straight out ‘we’re gay’. For all the years I’ve been reading about them I’ve never seen that in print, I may be completely wrong but it’s one of the reasons I’ve never liked them as much as other gay popstars, is it the whole ‘oh everyone knows anyway’.
    Michael Stipe annoys me more in relation to being open about sexuality and Pink too.

  2. eguinan

    @ Manuel: Thanks – it’s minimal and understated like myself (!)

    @ Mike: Can’t remember where I heard this, but probably I think it’s pretty well known that they were an item for a while.

    @ David: I shall defer to the thoroughly excellent and entertaining Dr Wayne Studer [] for this one:

    Rumour: “That they’re gay
    Status: TRUE (with only a slight hedge)
    This one—which surfaced very early on—of course proved at least half-true and almost certainly all true. Neil “came out” publicly in 1994. Chris, however, has proven more enigmatic. As far as I know he has never said the words “I am gay” within earshot of a reporter, but one can often read between the lines of his spoken statements and derive tacit assertions to that effect. And he has never denied that he’s gay, despite such assertions in the press. At this point, rightly or wrongly, most fans and observers simply take it for granted..”

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