Ouch, that’s gotta hurt

I can’t say who wrote this or who they wrote it about, but I just had to quote this utter scorch of a quote from an email I got recently. S/he is really annoyed with the recent contents of a blog (not me, thank Christ!) and, boy, does fury bring out eloquence!

[Blogger X] has a rare moment of useful insight today in an otherwise hideous blog. Tragically, [he/she] misdirects the analysis and fails to recognise that the blog is a self absorbed, fictionally-slanted interpretation of a reality predicated on constant motion to prevent ever having to spend time with oneself. The self obsession and introspection (critically lacking it should be added) it is to be noted, appears to be alienating [his/her] personal commetariat of misfits such that I suspect it will ultimately implode.

Yowsa! Dis shit gotta BURN….



  1. David Minogue

    Enda you will be on Prime Time with pics like that!!

    Is the blog comment work related?

    I love comments like that, I remember the ‘sad loser’ comment I got from an irate fan from a support act I didn’t think much of when i did a concert review and the anonymous person thought (wrongly) I went on my own.
    At the time an email you sent me cheered me up a lot.

    To be honest i think some bloggers should have some form of editing. such as the irish blog Twenty Major who verges too much on the side of extreme bad taste. I never read it now as he annoys me too much. The commentators agreeing with every word he says are as bad. What do you think?

    • eguinan

      Not a work-related comment (although THAT would be deliciously scurrilous!)

      The web is a bit of a jungle, isn’t it? One sees the harshest things being said in such unthinking ways. This seems to be a characteristic of media such as forums and blogs. A lot of the time I think people don’t realise the impact of their (written) words. Equally, readers may read too much into these words without body language or tone. I’ve had a couple of online spats that quickly became very civil once each party realised that another human being was behind the words on the screen!

      As for editing blogs, I think our audiences will do that for us. Many of us are not particularly good writers and that doesn’t matter, but your point about taste and decency does matter. If someone crosses a line once, he/she will be indulged, but when it’s ongoing, then I think the readership votes with their Unsubscribe button.

  2. David Minogue

    well said Enda, I think that some bloggers are full of their own self importance and even if a blogger disagrees with something said on a blog they don’t say anything for fear of being shunned or criticised themselves by other bloggers. a lot of blogs preach to the converted but as you say all you have to do is stop reading them.

    However I do think there should be a forum for bloggers to comment on potentially dangerous, racist, homophobic etc content. i don’t think it will happen anytime soon but maybe someday.

    • eguinan

      It’s back to the freedom of speech thing again. Yes, you can say whatever you like, but that doesn’t give you the right to shout ‘fire!’ in a crowded cinema. At least the major blogging platforms and boards have formal mechanisms for reporting inappropriate content; we just gotta use em!

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