Three unrelated, but very good, songs for you

I’m off work with Swine Flu* so I’ve been poking around the intertubes to see what lovely tunes are out there . Here are three I did find and I can share them with you, you lucky, lucky things!

1. Mexican Institute of Sound: Sinfonia Agridulce

Imagine if the head of EMI Mexico made sample-heavy records in his spare time. Imagine no more, tis true! This track is from his less-sample heavy new album, Soy Sauce, but as it is a cover of the Verve track that got into all the bother about an uncleared sample, I guess sometimes it’s useful to be head of EMI Mexico.

Quite apart from all that, the albums so far have been Avalanches-like bonkersness (i.e. Quite Good).

2. Ellie Goulding The Wolves

Another cover, this time of the wonderful Bon Iver track. I know nothing much about her, so if you like it, go do some research. I’m lazy like that. No, she has one of those slightly too sweet voices that might suggest she’s a cast member of High School Musical 5: 9 to 5 who has just happened to make one credible track. I’m afraid to look, really. (Actually Nialler9 has more info – good man, yerself.)

PS: Did anyone else think ‘Demi Lovato’ was a new espresso from Starbucks?

3. Bruce Springsteen: I’m On Fire (Cousin Cole’s Bad Desire Mix)

I’ve always had a soft spot for The Boss (except for when I was too young to understand the irony of Born In The USA, but I still thought Hungry Heart was a great pop song). The original of this was a very nice precursor to Tunnel Of Love, which remains my favourite Brooooooooooce album to this day. This mix by Cousin Cole sympathetically enhances the Cosmic Johnny Cash strands that were already there. Download.


* I don’t really have Swine Flu (I think).



  1. John Philbin

    Ellie and Brucie get my vote. Bruce evokes memories of my early days in London. I forgot how much I liked some of his music.

    Thanks for the memory!


  2. PK

    22 years after first buying it Tunnel of Love is still only one of half a dozen albums I can play again and again. Cautious Man, Valentine’s Day, wonderful stuff. Am listening to the gloriousness that is Racing in the Street as I type.

    • eguinan

      How cool! People might be surprised to know that Tunnel of Love is one of a handful of complete albums that I always sync to my iPod!

      Brilliant Disguise is such a good song. And the weird key change at the end of Tunnel Of Love where he starts going wo-hoo… Super!

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