New Abba (kind of): Story Of A Heart

Catchy as fuck. Even if it does sound like ‘Jennifer Rush was jammin’ with Def Leppard and Mister Mister [sic] in an eighties rock nightmare.’

And here’s the other ‘new Abba song’ as sung by the staff of B&B’s hotel (yes, really).



  1. Belenko Peter

    Your music is not getting older all the time. I switch it on nearly every day as the day begins. And when I don`t I don`t know which way to go. And when I do there is warmth and light that enlighten me. Your melodies roll over all the musical hysterics of the past and present. With songs of them and your`s I`ve learned to love. I ain`t got a hat that big I would have liked to take it off infront of you, albeit I`m not your best FAN in Ukraine, she gave me not everything, but a hint to find this page. Her name is Helen and she knows your songs by heart.

      • Belenko Peter

        You are not completely right (sorry). I have borrowed from an older source. Althogh I could have done the same with ABBA lyrics. One can learn it`s easy . Nevertheless thanks for such a high appriciation . You know what all we need, and ABBA gave it, and gave it tenderly .
        With love and respect, Peter Belenko from Odessa.

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