Pet Shop Boys Live in the 02!

It’s gig time and tomorrow night I see the Pets for the fourth time live in concert.

The first time was in 1999 in The Point in Dublin (now reborn as the O2 incidentally) avec the Mexican Ex (henceforth known as t’ExMex). It wasn’t a sellout and they barely filled half the venue. Oopsies! They were pretty good though.

The second time was in London at the Astoria (RIP) for their Release tour. Again with t’ExMex. Amazingly that was my first ever visit to London, where I now live! ‘Acoustic’ and great atmosphere.

Fast forward to 2007 and a Hallowe’en gig back in Dublin. Are we not jolly. Gig was great but a slight bit lifeless at times. Still, we looked utterly deranged in our outfits, no?

And now it’s time to see them in the monster venue of the o2. 16,000 sellout it appears. Who would have thought, eh?

I’ve heard no reports of the gigs so far, but the vids on YouTube at least look impressive. The Boys themselves are a bit grouchy about people making shaky video recordings on phones and Flips (hee hee), but we shall forgive them as they are getting on and no doubt a bit precious. (They have embraced Twitter though, which is pretty impressive.)

So, just to annoy them, here’s The Way It Used To Be and Jealousy from Moscow.



  1. themilkman

    I’ll be there tomorrow night too and really looking forward to it too. Fourth time for me too. First time was for the Nightlife tour at the Wembley Arena, then Release tour at the Brixton Academy, then the Fundamental tour at the Hammersmith Apollo. Never been to the O2, but I fear it might just be a bit big. Will see… Enjoy the show boys…

    • Daddy or Chips?

      Oh total snap on the tours then (different locations though). And yes, seems like your fears were founded; the O2 is enormous and I’m glad I was seatless and down the front.

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