Proof that the gays won’t applaud just anything at Pride…

Ouch. Poor Jeremy Hunt, Conservative MP. Not only does he have a surname that lends itself to all sorts of nasty rhymes, but he was selected to address the spangly crowd in Trafalgar Square at London Pride.

The line up at Pride tends towards the cheesy (anyone remember Sheila’s Wheels a couple of years ago?) and one could be forgiven that the crowd will cheer for just about anyone who goes onstage as long as there’s a rainbow Union Jack nearby and sunshine, but, the gays, it would appear, can remember things.

The ever-erudite It Was Ever Thus puts it well:

The Idiot Leader is a barely acceptable face to what remains fundamentally the same old nasty party. Allied with right to extreme right parties in Europe who’s national governments would consider section 28 a wimps charter, they continue their dog whistle approach to courting the base elements in the British character – “family” values, immigration, Europe, fat cat public servants and the same tired nonsense they spouted for 18 years, buying the votes of the populace while destroying the infrastructure of the state.

The Idiot Leader as recently as 2002 voted for the retention of Section 28. Not abstained, not held his nose and voted with the whip, voted in favour. I know it seems a tired cliché but take section 28 and play around with the gay bit to replace with black, Jew, woman, African, catholic.

WebCameron, we can embrace Denise (Ex of Five Star) and atrocious hi-NGR covers of Sex On Fire, but we can see through you.

Watch the full bottling, booing and general middle finger disapproval right here:

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