Three more unrelated, but very good for you, songs

1. Love’s The Only Drug Ultra Natéultra drug

Turns out she’s got more under her belt than the admittedly magnificent Free. Listen to this gurgling synthy goodness as presented by DJ Sacflashback (sounds v similar to the original, so shall we just say the remix is ‘most sympathetic’?)

2. The Roll-Off Characteristics (of History in the Making) Cornershop

Turns out they have got more under their belt than the admittedly magnificent Brimful of Asha. Thanks to the fantastic cover mount CDs that come with The Word magazine each month, it turns out that Cornershop are still making interesting stuff as this tasty slice of very English oddness attests. And it’s from an album called (I shit you not) Judy Sucks A Lemon For Breakfast.

3. The Wings Of Sleep (When Night Is Dark And Deep) The Geoff Love Orchestra feat. Ann Howard Jones & Moira Anderson

An exercise in randomness. Click aimlessly through Spotify for a while and goodness knows what appears. I’ve been saving this to tag on the end of a chill out compilation, but to hell with it, have it now. This piece is from  The Dancing Years, a musical with book and music by Ivor Novello and lyrics by Christopher Hassall. And isn’t it just gorgeous? (And I wonder if Ann Howard Jones ever threw off her mental chains? Ooh ooh oooh…)

Note: Some people ask how they can keep these lovely songs on their own computers or other radiophonic equipment. You can always purchase from reputable online musical emporiums. Alternatively, Firefox users might *cough* investigate further *cough* .



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