New Prefab Sprout: Let There Be Music

Six, count ’em, SIX weeks to a new Prefab Sprout album and judging from this exclusive preview given to the flag-bearing folk at, the album could be a stormer. I do love it when artists write about the joy of music in and of itself, and when it’s Paddy McAloon, even better.

As you can hear above (and below in a crappy video-rip if you can’t bear to look at Paddy’s frightbeard), the track has a slightly demo-y feel, but it’s a (welcome) move from the lush faux-symphonics to a more spiky, even housey, sound.

Gorgeous melodies as standard though.

Let’s Change The World With Music is out on 7th September.



  1. robin

    The Big Star box set, the Fabs remasters, and now this. Looks like I’m gonna be eating a lotta ramen noodles come September…

  2. David Maury

    The song is catchy enough I must say.

    But he looks so…. old amongst other things!
    Only a few years ago he was anguishing about being 49…. and today he looks like he could be 69… some people age real fast 😉

    BTW, I hope it’s a wig!

  3. Garry

    Paddy is a genius. As for him looking old, anybody would with a great shaggy grey beard like that! Paddy, SHAVE THE BLOODY THING OFF!!!

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