“Fiercing harder than Sasha Fierce times infinity…”

Holy sheeeeeeeeeeit! Absolutely fluhlawless…

Vogue Evolution via Dlisted.



  1. David Minogue

    JC looking good, there is life after Justin after all,
    great clip, they is fieeeeeeeeeeeeerce!

    cool u saw pet shop boyz news item, i put that and truck driver on my blog, i first heard that in Brian’s house from a CD you made for him,


  2. Mike A

    i soooo wish i could do stuff like that! i have friends from nyc that do it and always amazed to see it out in the clubs. vogueing is definitely much much MUCH more than what madonna introduced to the world back in the day. the real thing really isn’t as frenetic and not necessarily choreographed like the way we saw in the clip. it’s all about the ‘battle’ and how to out move the other. the group, however, does a great an amazing job nonetheless. 🙂

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