Cardinal Brady tells us what’s not good for the family (ahem)

The Primate of the Catholic Church in Ireland, Sean Brady,  has problems with the erosion of the idea of family in Ireland should civil partnership be introduced.

Thanks for your opinion, petal, and I do recognise the pressure on you to come up with new material for your money-generating audience each week, but this is, as the name suggests, a civil matter with some considerable consensus behind it.

Shouldn’t you be busy trying to reconstruct all those families destroyed by your organisation’s systemic practices over the last 100 years?

Just sayin’ is all…



  1. JJ Crikey

    even if the catholic church hadn’t been responsible for so so many tragedies and abuses they would still be wrong and have no moral standing what so ever……they should keep their guilty little noses out of matters that simply don’t involve them….

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