Marriage Equality Ireland Ad: Cleverz!

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UPDATE: Had to include this snippet from the always-reliable It Was Ever Thus:

As regards the rest well he [Brady] may, or may not, be correct that a heterosexual marriage environment is the best one in which to raise a child, however, the point is moot because that is not happening. Independent corroboration could be provided by, oh, the four year olds getting beaten all shades of blue in Haringey by their mothers, mother’s lovers and mother’s lover’s brother or the surprising number of children doing perfectly fine in second families or alternative community structures. On balance though I suspect we should keep kiddie-Church dialogue muted for now. Suffice to say you can want the traditional family all you want these days – you just ain’t getting it or ain’t getting that, that show moved out of town long before the gays got in the act.

Fantastic! Read more.



  1. David Minogue

    V clever, video.

    What I find v interesting is the very obvious division of opinion marraige/civil partnerships has created amongst gay men and women, it is mostly a generational divide, I do not like that there is only one opinion in some sections of the so called community,

    it is something I want to do a blog on and what I would find interesting is what if someone like Panti thought ‘well civil partnership is a step in the right direction let’s build on from there’, there are only a few well known faces on the Dublin scene like Panti, Shirley etc but if they were more in favour of civil partnerships would they be suddenly ‘bad gays’
    because of Brenda Power Panti has become the public face / national spokesperson on the issue.

    never in a million years did i think we would even have civil partnership, I do think there is a lot of unspoken homophobic thinking inn our current government,

    it will only get more interesting i think,

    as ever love when you highlight issues like this,


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