Air France: Current Affaires

Air France 1AI don’t have anything bad to say about Air France (or Cityjet). I fly with them twice a week. The service is very good. I can pitch up at 7:15am on Monday morning at City airport and still (just) comfortably get on the 7:30 flight to Dublin.

The flights usually aren’t packed and they manage to leave the middle row free until it has to be filled so one doesn’t generally have to play elbow games with one’s neighbour.

But every week on Sunday when I check in for my flight, they think I’m a business passenger and assign me seat 1A. It’s some kind of glitch that came to be when I became a Gold frequent flyer (I do fly twice a week after all).

The first week this happened, I got away with it despite the bafflement of the flight attendant. The next week, was again given 1A but this time and subsequently, the boarding pass goes red at the gate and they tell me that they’ve had to change my seat. The nice lady and I have been grinning about this each week.

I’ve decided to stop doing it now in case I get reassigned to 17B or somesuch, but the check in has once again given me 1A Affaires.

Trivial stuff, I know, but hey-ho.

In other news: Cardinal Brady has not yet responded to my friend request on Facebook. Senator David Norris, on the other hand, not only responded, but responded personally and charmingly. What a star.

And this week, we have upgraded to Snow Leopard (much improvement on creaky MacBook), have been mostly listening to Mew (excellent) and Prefab Sprout (production a bit disappointingly flat at times, but songs and voice v good indeed).

Mew: Introducing Palace Players

Buy Mew’s ridiculously-titled album, No more stories Are told today I’m sorry They washed away No more stories The world is grey I’m tired Let’s wash away on iTunes.

Prefab Sprout: Let There Be Music

But Prefab Sprout’s Let’s Change The World With Music on iTunes.



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