Thank You For The Music: Kylie, Chaka & the Orsa Fiddlers!

So, there we were in Hyde Park with 35,000 other pleasant punters on maybe the last lovely Sunday summer’s evening for quite a while.

The whole BBC Radio 2 spectacle was good fun (even with the Benny Andersson Band’s 20 minute Swedish folk implosion midway).

There was plenty of cheese (Mamma Mia Ensemble shoehorned into their jumpsuits, Lulu whose face gives a two-fingers to nature, Jason Donovan looking hugely uncomfortable).

The first bite of oddness was when Tim Rice was wheeled out to introduce the Benny/Bjorn musicals bit. We got Elaine Paige (I Know Him So Well) and Marti Pellow doing One Night in Bangkok (“weird”) and so on.

Then the Swedish folk bit, or ‘the toilet break’ as it was dubbed on our patch. No one was listening to the Benny/Bjorn composition Rowing on the Serpentine, but I thought it quite lovely. Alas my bloody Flip packed up half way though, so one does not have vids yet. BUT we were there with a nice man whose wife was doing the Frida bit onstage as part of the Capital Voices! He got some footage so we are going to swap later (otherwise his wife will kill him for not recording her).

And then the whole thing totally went into a frenzy with Dan from The Feeling’s belly button, Chaka Khan’s freestyle take on The Winner Takes It All (I don’t care what kind of flak she’s getting; I prefer her new lyrics), Kylie doing Super Trouper. Kylie and Benny saying the word ‘sex’, the whole utterly utterly bonkers Abba Medley with fireworks and karaoke! I was beside myself and straight married lady friend and I continued to belt out the one verse of Thank You For The Music that we could remember as we left the park.

Here be some mp3s I did grab from the whole mad event as broadcast on the radio. Still on iPlayer, but I don’t know for how long. Enjoy!

The Winner Takes It All: Chaka Khan feat. ABBA Rhythm Section, BBC Concert Orchestra & Capital Voices

Rowing On The Serpentine: Benny Andersson & The Orsa Fiddlers feat. BBC Concert Orchestra & Capital Voices

Super Trouper: Kylie Minogue feat. ABBA Rhythm Section, BBC Concert Orchestra & Capital Voices

When All Is Said And Done: Kylie Minogue feat. Benny Andersson, ABBA Rhythm Section, BBC Concert Orchestra & Capital Voices



    • eguinan

      You. Would. Have. LOVED. It.

      In fact, it was so up your street that you would felt the neighbours were watching you through your back window while you did that ‘thing’ you do when you think you’re alone.

      • Sue

        oh how I love my hairbrush! AND if you care to cast your mind back fadó fadó, WE also did it in my back garden & kitchen – I think we may have used my candle-stick-holder – be afraid I still have the photos!!! But … I don’t wanna talk …. 😉

  1. themilkman

    Wasn’t this just a lot of fun? And, of course, ever so slightly camp too, especially in the hospitality tent where we were (sorry for showing off). Jason Donovan still can’t sing for toffee and looked extremely uncomfortable up there. Kylie was just splendid, but let’s face it, ABBA’s nearly home turf for her.

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