It’s Mix Time! Dark Appetites

Remedy (Kaskade Club Remix) Little Boots
She Wolf (Moto Blanco Club) Shakira
Million Dollar Bill (Freemasons Club Mix) Whitney Houston
Walking On The Moon (Seamus Haji & Emanuel Club Mix) (feat. Kanye West) The-Dream
She Came Along (UK Extended Mix) (feat. Kid Cudi) Sharam
Rain (Seamus Haji Big Love Remix) Mika
Insatiable (Meck’s Back To The Future Remix) Out Of Office
The Take (Original Mix) Paul Harris & Obernik
You Got The Love (Pitron And Sanna Mix) Florence + The Machine
Can’t Get High Without U (David Penn Mix) Joey Negro
How Soon Is Now (feat. Julie Mc Knight) Dirty South, Sebastian Ingrosso, David Guetta
Bulletproof (Dave Aude Club) La Roux
Celebration (Benny Benassi Remix) Madonna
dark appetites

Image: Fire by Roberto Manrique (via Homotrophy)

Despite the name, this is full-on Big Room commercial/funky house. Oh, go on, there’s always an occasion for *that*… Where else will you hear Kanye West slamming into Patsy Cline?

  1. Remedy (K@sk@de Club Remix) * Little B00ts
  2. She W0lf (M0t0 Bl@nc0 Club) * Sh@kir@
  3. Milli0n D0ll@r Bill (Freem@s0ns Club Mix) * Whitney H0ust0n
  4. W@lking On The M00n (Se@mus H@ji & Em@nuel Club Mix) * The-Dre@m fe@t. K@nye West
  5. She C@me Al0ng (UK Extended Mix) * Sh@r@m fe@t. Kid CuDi
  6. R@in (Se@mus H@ji Big L0ve Remix) * Mik@
  7. Ins@ti@ble (Meck’s B@ck T0 The Future Remix) * Out Of Office
  8. The T@ke (Origin@l Mix) * P@ul H@rris & Obernik
  9. Y0u G0t The L0ve (Pitr0n And S@nn@ Mix) * Fl0rence + The M@chine
  10. C@n’t Get High With0ut U (D@vid Penn Mix) * J0ey Negr0
  11. H0w S00n Is N0w * Dirty S0uth, Seb@sti@n Ingr0ss0, D@vid Guett@ fe@t. Julie Mc Knight
  12. Bulletpr00f (D@ve Aude Club) * L@ R0ux
  13. Celebr@ti0n (Benny Ben@ssi Remix) * M@d0nn@

    Dark Appetites by Daddy or Chips

    Download Dark Appetites 71 mins 320kbps continuous mix.



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