Write Badly Well

Begin your novel with the protagonist getting out of bed and seeing that it is raining outside, which perfectly mirrors his life


Jake opened his eyes and heard the rain battering against the outside of the glass window. Well, he thought grimly, it’s raining outside, and it’s certainly raining in my soul, which is about as inside as you can get.

It had only been seventeen days since he had lost his job and been dumped by his girlfriend, all of which made him very sympathetic without actually having to establish him as a character. Ever since that fateful day, he had been hearing the drip drip drip of his hopes (raindrops) and aspirations (hailstones) tumbling down onto the corrugated iron roof of his memory before disappearing forever down the drain of missed opportunities.

It was a dark and rainy night when first I read of this fine new blog. Return to it I will in various methods.

Write Badly Well.



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