Over My Shoulder: Mika & King’s Singers live at Union Chapel

Anyone ambivalent about Mika might be pleasantly surprised with this gorgeous performance from last night’s Mencap Little Noise Session in the sublime Union Chapel (it’s a church – and it’s got a bar! I heart England.)

Mika headlined and I tip my cap to him. He was a riot. (Alas, Paloma Faith had to cancel – although most people seemed to be there for Mika so weren’t too disappointed.) We also got a taster of 18-year-old Alex Gardner, a Xenomania popstar in the making (and who was being naughty outside smoking and playing guitar at all hours of the night – I can report though, that he was wearing his scarf like a good boy should).

Anyway, small, intimate venue (fab acoustics obviously) and all for a good cause.

More info: http://www.littlenoisesessions.org.uk/


EDIT: Welcome to all the folk from the Mika Fan Club Forum. Nice to have you on board. I’ve some other snippets of video to edit and upload, so keep checking back over the next day or so.



  1. Gary

    I have watched quite a few vids from Mika & the King Singers performance last night.
    They are briiliant!
    What an amazing night!
    Mika is at his very best.
    The vids for this gig are not to be missed.
    Bravo Mika & The King Singers!

    • eguinan

      I saw him once before in Dublin, just as Grace Kelly was breaking. He really knows how to work a crowd in an intimate venue last last night. Great performer.

  2. Sexypurplefish

    I was lucky enough to be front row at the gig, I’ve always been a big Mika fan but last night really was something else.

      • Sparkly1

        Yes she was and I was next to her in a big frock lol. Yes this was one very special gig, the song posted above OMS brought tears to my eyes, (can’t believe he wrote it when he was 15, the guys a genius), it sounded totally amazing, I have always loved it but even more so last night.
        The venue was awesome and gives an amazing sound that suited Mika’s voice perfectly and the King Singers were just fantastic.
        I thought it was wonderful how we (the audience) jumped up, danced, clapped, sang along, laughed at the jokes one minute then sat down respectfully and sat in awe for the slower beautiful ballads, wish all gigs could be like that.

        Alex & co were lovely chaps (I too had the urge to nag him about smoking but didnt lol), and I think we will be seeing a lot more of him in future.

        I liked Daisy’s song she is going to bring out as a single too.
        All in all a wonderful extremely memorable evening.
        PS thank you to the venue ppl and security, they were all so nice and helpful xx

  3. kathismom

    Wow. I did not know he wrote this when he was 15. Done a lot of living for 26 hasn’t he. Beautiful performance. Thank you so much for posting this.

  4. enigma

    It was just an amazing concert. Great to see an artist who writes such good music that it works perfectly with all types of arrangement and in all types of venue. Amazing.

  5. Katita

    Mika has great talent, wonderful voice and great songs, their first album was amazing and a milestone in pop music, admire his creativity and his unique way of seeing the world, he’s incredible, the second album can be better first,
    i admire their passion for their art. For me, he is the best singer / composer who already knew. I’m a fan of Brazil and would like it to show in my country. The King’s Singers was faboulousssss. Great!!!!!!

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