‘Why I still buy music’ or ‘David Turpin’s quite good, isn’t he?’

This is the process I usually go through when acquiring music.

Fig. 1

So, as you can clearly see in Fig 1, there can be quite a convoluted route to get me to part with my cash. We shall call this ‘Consumer-driven Filtration’ (CDF) (as opposed to to the very direct route favoured by record companies, which we can call ‘Leona’).

Imaging my surprise, when, just minutes after declaring that I would listen to no more new music til the new year, so lost was in in noughties and 2009 nostalgia, that I found young David Turpin.

First he released his second album back in October. I heard nothing of him til Wednesday last.

He played a free show in Panti Bar in Dublin on Wednesday. I follow Panti on Facebook and she embedded the video for current ‘radio single’ Dorthy Gale on her profile. I clicked on it.

Track turned out to be a slick ditty reminiscent of Herbert, Kelley Polar or Roisín Murphy’s clever little gay brother. It also managed to get strings and massed vocals in and be a bit slyly epic.

I was sold. Straight on to iTunes and did a quick sweep of the 30-second previews of the other tracks on his ‘Haunted!’ album.

Reader, I purchased it. And it’s superb. Sometimes just having the musical goods is enough to make me part with the cash without the palaver.



  1. orn

    like i said earlier this week, someone to look out for in 2010 and a surprise end of 2009. Your pic/graph is way complicated perhaps because of all the red wine I’ve consumed tonight 🙂

  2. david

    that’s mad u haven’t heard of him before, he’s been around a good while, he supported Marc almond in vicar St, sinead Gleeson loves him too, steve shannon produced album,

    i think there is good irish music out there but it is never marketed properly, we need a proper music tv show that isnt snobby and has a real mix of irish music,
    ps i miss doing the irma chart!!!


    • Enda Guinan

      I’m totally out of the loop on this guy – and, yes, I think you’re right about the marketing. I struggled to think of three Irish albums to vote for in Nialler9’s poll, but by looking at the other votes, there has obviously been loads of great stuff produced.

      Re Irma, couldn’t you do highlights? Maybe the new entries and climbers? Surely the blinking charts are for promotional purposes? Or just let ’em sue you and be damned!

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