It’s Mix Time! Crowdsourced

Isn't he nice?

I am racing forward while looking backwards.

This mix is a return to the house style but it’s all very forward looking in that it’s full of very very fresh tracks indeed (Swimming Places aside, but that’s just very lovely).

Faced with a dearth of new dance music, I went nuts for a couple of hours scouring the blogs, forums and elsewhere to see what was happening. I ended up (mostly) purchasing about 35 tracks and whittlin’ ’em down to this bouncy (but not cheesy) house set.

You may expect to hear some of these tracks later in the year when they get proper commercial releases (and no doubt ‘feat. Chipmunk’ or ‘with Mutya’ or somesuch).

The GramophonedZie track, in particular, sounds like a future hit. It liberally samples and chops up Peggy Lee’s ‘Why Don’t You Do Right?’. Delphic are the latest skinny-indie boys that will save pop (unless Hurts do it first). Best name for a dance act goes to Soft Toy Emergency and Rather Stonking Award goes to Moussa Clarke’s ‘Love Key’.

Indulge thyselves…..


  1. Dub My Disco * Hostage
  2. Pale Shelter (Misar 90s mix) * Barclay & Cream
  3. Critical (Paul Emanuel remix) * Soft Toy Emergency
  4. So Far Away * Kaskade & Seamus Haji feat. Haley
  5. Love Key (Jody Wisternoff mix) * Moussa Clarke feat. Fisher
  6. Swimming Places (Jerome Sydenham remix) * Julien Jabre
  7. aNYway (club mix) * Armand Van Helden & A-Trak present Duck Sauce
  8. Why Don’t You * GramophonedZie
  9. Ethnology (Vocal Ethno mix) * Drumheads
  10. Addicted (Club mix) * Serge Devant feat. Hadley
  11. This Momentary (La Matos remix) * Delphic
  12. The Feeling (Tocadisco remix) * Dabruck & Klein feat. Michael Feiner
  13. Watch The Sun Come Up (Fred Falke remix) * Example

I bought these tracks from DJ Download, iTunes and Amazon, so you should too if you really like something you hear.

Download Crowdsourced (71 mins continuous mix, 163 MB)



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