Worthwhile Opportunities for Ex-Boyband Members

This is my pal Chris. He used to be in a German boyband (he says) but is now using his telegenic looks and technical skills to make a video about maternal health for Maternity Worldwide to help them raise awareness.

He’s decided to go to Ethiopia shortly to make this vid and is asking for help with sourcing equipment and funding to make it all happen.

I for one see this as not only a very worthwhile cause, but also an opportunity for all former boy/girl band members to feel some hope that, yes, even they have the potential to contribute usefully to society at some point.

Donate to Chris at Just Giving. (He’s doing very well already! Keep it coming, no matter how small!)

PS: I’ll make another donation if anyone can find evidence of his former boyband past….

Maternity Worldwide on Twitter.


One comment

  1. Melissa


    I am writing on behalf of Women and Children First – a charity that is working to improve maternal health and reduce the numbers of mothers and babies that die in childbirth in the developing world.

    After looking at your blog entry we have noticed that you link to Maternity Worldwide. We’re currently seeking to raise awareness of our work and wondered whether you’d consider also adding a link to us? If you would we’d be extremely grateful and the simple act of linking to us will help draw attention to this highly important cause.

    If you have any questions or would like to find out more about us please feel free to email us or check out our website at http://www.wcf-uk.org or email me on web@wcf-uk.org

    Many thanks,


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