It’s Mix Time: Mental Reservation

What’s New Zealand like for clubbing?

A typical Kiwi.

I ask because I burn to go dancing right now, but am off tomorrow to New Zealand for a fortnight. Two weeks of bungee, a skydive and other less adrenaline-wasting activities.
I haven’t been clubbing in yonks, but a combination of the fab spring weather and putting together this sizzling little mix has got me itching to shimmy.
  • We have delectable clever pop from Groove Armada, Junior Boys (thanks Toby) and Camille Jones (having some issues with the gay boys, it seems).
  • We have lip-smacking goodies from the Pets (thank you Vinnie Vero for bringing the bounce to the Boys), Junior Caldera and George Acosta.
  • Some outstanding work from three regulars of Daddy or Chips?: Gui Boratto’s brooding boogie, Richard X’s slight 80s rework of Goldfrapp and an absolutely storming remix of Keri Hilson by Kaskade. This last track is immense
  • And some deranged sexycrazy stuff from Lee Mortimer & Foamo.
  • Susan Boyle (no, really…)
  • A naughty photo of a naked man with a strategically-placed thurible (I was an alter boy; I know my Catholic objet)

See you in a fortnight!

EDIT: Just noticed that this is my 400th post. Good lord…


  1. Paper Romance * Groove Armada feat. Fenech-Soler & SaintSaviour
  2. Hazel (Ewan Pearson’s House Mix) * Junior Boys
  3. Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix) * Massive Attack feat. Hope Sandoval
  4. Everything Is Alright (Rasmus Faber Club Mix, Re-EQ’d) * Rasmus Faber feat. Linda Sundblad
  5. True Love * George Acosta feat. Fisher
  6. Difficult Guys (Extended Mix) *  Camille Jones
  7. Let’s Do Some Living (Wild Horses) * Rocketswitch feat. Susan Boyle
  8. Rocket (Richard X One Zero Remix) * Goldfrapp
  9. Slow Dance (Kaskade Extended Mix) * Keri Hilson
  10. Beautiful People (Vinny Vero club mix) * Pet Shop Boys
  11. Superman * Lee Mortimer & Foamo
  12. You Needed Me (Jason Rooney & Alex Gaudino Original Mix) * The Playin’ Stars feat. Romanthony
  13. Can’t Fight This Feeling (Avicii Universe Mix) * Junior Caldera feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor
  14. Kidsos (DBN Remix Edit) * Sebastian Ingrosso

Download Mental Reservation (75 mins continuous mix, 171MB mp3)



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