Just who is downloading these mixes?

5,269 downloads of Cool Intentions? Nearly 3,000 downloads of Crowdsourced in two months? These are crazy figures. Who is downloading this stuff?



    • eguinan

      It’s a bit weird. I can’t see that many visits to the site so I’ve no idea where the downloads are coming from! Still, I’m not complaining! 😀

  1. John

    I am one of your many fans, or so it seems. I have all your mixes and look forward to new ones. We have a couple of things in common, a love of the same style of music, and i also mix at home for my own enjoyment. Thanks for posting, and I am still looking for the full length frankie knuckles remix of “Blind” that featured on The Future of Reputation, but without success. Hot music, keep it comming, and cheers from oz.

      • John

        Hi Enda,

        WOW! and thanks, I wasn’t expecting the track, it made my day after a busy working week. I can now dance (in private) the weekend away. My mixing started a couple of years age as a way of getting to listen to my collection, and generally if I get new material I will put together a mix and get some time out. I have never shared publicly but would be happy to send you something, if I can figure out the best way to do this (I am a bit IT challanged with some of this stuff). I don’t do track titles etc, a combination of lazyness and other factors. I have just unpacked some vinyl after fifteen years and converting to Mp3, early 80’s Tantra, Boys Town Gang, etc. so will be trippin down memory lane for the next few weeks reliving my early “Dance ya tits off” days.

        Thanks again M8, if I can figure out how to get something to you I will, perhaps you could advise.

        Cheers, John

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