It’s Mix Time! Top Kill

So what’s been happening? Volcano in Iceland, scorching sun, general election, iPad mayhem… quite a lot it seems.

Artwork for mix

Can you tell who it is yet?

Who cares? It’s mix time; let’s boogie.

Broody dance is the order of the day (and the rather unlikely appearance of Bon Iver, who is certainly broody if not previously associated with 4-to-the-4 goodness). Apart from that, more slinky stuff from the recurring offenders Meck, Morgan Page and Amanda Wilson (surely the hardest working woman in house?) . Elsewhere, Tegan & Sara (they’re twins! They’re lesbian twins!) continue their forays into dance with surprisingly good results.

Anyway, right now, it’s a Bank Holiday here, so git downloadin’ and put on your red shoes and dance the blues.


(Forgive the euros and stuff – it’s to outwit the tattletale webcrawlers that result in my mixes being taken down.)

  1. Do Yoú F€€l (Original Clúb Mix) * Fúnkstar D€ Lúx€
  2. F€€ls Lik€ Hom€ (T€o Brasil Lik€ a Pray€r Bootl€g Mix) * M€ck f€at. Dino
  3. Fight For Yoú (Saúl Rúiz R€mix) * Morgan Pag€
  4. R€: Stacks (Tomas Barfod R€mix) * Bon Iv€r
  5. Oútta My Lif€ (Toúch mix) * D€admaú5 vs Billy N€wton-Davis
  6. Alligator (Morgan Pag€ R€mix) * T€gan & Sara
  7. Som€wh€r€ * DJ Mog f€at. Sarah Lynn
  8. Th€ World Is Oútsid€ (M€ck R€mix) * Ghosts (tune!)
  9. Acap€lla (Bimbo Jon€s Clúb Mix) * K€lis
  10. Starry Ey€d (AN21 & Max Vang€li R€mix) * Elli€ Goúlding
  11. Som€tim€s * Dim Chris f€at. Amanda Wilson

Download Top Kill (64 min continuous mix 117MB)



  1. Manuel

    heh….i was gonna use this blog theme for a new thingy…phew…imagine if we both turned up in the same blog clothes….oh the embarrassment…

    • eguinan

      It would be hair-pulling bitchfight in a conveniently-placed water fountain. Although having no hair would probably give me the advantage.

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