Reader, I Married Him… Arjun Gupta

The first in an occasional series of very flippant posts looking at very handsome chaps who have caught one’s eye for one reason or another.

Image of Arjun Gupta

Arjun Gupta kicks things off. He’s an American actor, currently playing Sam in series 2 of Nurse Jackie (which is excellent). Sorry, boys, he’s straight. And apart from that, there isn’t a whole pile about him out there. In the series, he started as a stoner temp, then came back in series 2 reformed, boinked bisexual O’Hara and kept a beady eye on Jackie’s suspect activity. So let’s just objectify him (tastefully).

Best line:

Sam (to O’Hara): I’m an Anglophile.

O’Hara: How convenient. I’m an … Anglo.



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