Daddy’s Mp3reets: Sacred Animals, Gayngs, Jay Dabhi

Hasn’t it been a superb year so far for good music? Has the huge drop in sales and budgets meant that less mediocrity is being released or are people just upping their game generally?

We’re all happy with John Grant, The National, Avi Buffalo etc but here are some (even) more left-field goodies:

1. Chosen Seed: Sacred Animals

Image of Sacred Animals Welcome Home EPI know nothing at all about broody indie Sacred Animals (and that seems to be the way they/he wants it). What I do know is that they are Irish and they managed to get the attention of the  good JW over at Popolio. The Welcome Home EP is available for free at their barely there website.

Wired, Islands by Sacred Animals

2. The Gaudy Side Of Town: Gayngs

Image of Gayngs' Relayted sleeveGayngs’ Relayted is ‘a collection of drugged-up keyboards and slick bedroom production almost exclusively inspired by 10cc’s “I’m Not In Love.”‘ That pretty much sums it up. You may hear a little Bon Iver in there and you’d be right as Justin Vernon is just one of a whole Pitchfork-full of names in this collective.

Download this track and a pretty stoned version of Godley & Creme’s Cry at Gayngs’ site.

3. Give Me Tonight: Jay Dabhi vs Shannon

Image of Jay DabhiGosh, it’s all a bit serious. Let’s kick it up a notch. Give Me Tonight was the follow up to Shannon’s 1984 electro-pop classic Let The Music Play. Here, Jay Dabhi retains the urgent vocals and bathes them in a very slinky-but-taut groove. Very contemporary indeed.

(Alas, it’s not downloadable, but as usual I shall say ‘Firefox’, ‘extension’ and ‘DownloadHelper’. That is all.)



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