Roundup of Astonishing Stuff

Teh interwebs just keeps giving and giving. Ok, mostly utter nonsense, but here are some of the things from the digital garden that you might find amusement in.

The amazing dancing samba baby from Brazil.

This pretty much explains a lot of Brazilian people I know. 😉

Lady GaGa meets Morrissey

Lady Gaga meets Morrissey

Irish Blood, Disco Stick

I don’t know what I’m more amused by; the idea of grouchy-knickers Morrissey going to a Lady GaGa gig or the look on his face in this photo. I do know that this image popped into my head yesterday in the supermarket and I did indeed laugh out loud.

Despiértame antes de ir ir

AV students at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona do a one-take, 1,200-person interpreation of a Wham! track. Amazing!

Rick Astley is back, back, baaaaaaaaack!

With a perfectly decent bit of epic grown-up pop. Facebookers not quite sure about his jazz hands though.



  1. david

    The other guy in the gaga photo is Justin Tranter, his band Semi Precious Weapons plays support on her tour, v crazy but worth checking out, have been with her since she started out, d

  2. English Mum

    I hate to be a party pooper, but I wouldn’t let my baby dance on a table, even if he was incredibly talented at the samba. This is probably why my children can’t dance, come to think of it…

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