Daddy’s mp3reets: Gypsy & The Cat, Gap Band & The Roots do Monsters of Folk

Something old, new, borrowed but nothing particularly blue this time.

Gypsy And The Cat out for a prowl

Gypsy & The Cat: Jona Vark

Yet another Australian duo who have had more than an occasional listen to Fleetwood Mac’s Greatest Hits. Yes, you can say ‘Empire Of The Sun’ if you wish. One to watch for 2011.

The Roots studiously avoiding Yim Yames

The Roots feat. Jim James: Dear God 2.0

Thoughtful rap collective take on unlikely opening track from folk supergroup Monsters of Rock. They bring MoF member Jim James (or Yim Yames) along for the hook. Of course it works.

The Gap Band: You Dropped A Bomb On Me (DJ Kue Remix)

The Gap Band dropping bombs

The chunkiest offering from 70s/80s Oops Upside Your Head hitmakers gets chunkified even more. Most pleasing in a clubular context, one imagines.



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