Elephants on Parade

Image of elephant from artist Trix Laanen

Londoners will be familiar with the deluge of elephants earlier this year that took residence in shops, hotels and public spaces. Londoners will also be excused for not paying full attention to the details (after all, if it’s not elephants, it’s cows, pianos or, at the moment, ping pong tables).

It turns out that the elephants are part of a intriguing modern art/charity hybrid taking advantage of our being suckers for cuddly elephants and quite into big art concept stuff meeting us as we gad about the city. You can read lots more about the elephants and the £4 million that was raised by auction to help preserve the Asian Nellie.

The little guy above was given to me as a gift for sorting out the music at a wedding in Stockholm last weekend. He was hand-designed/painted by Antwerp artist, Trix Laanen and is no 139 of only 2,500 available.

Isn’t he just gorgeous? (Hint: Yes)

Elephant Parade

Elephant Parade on Facebook

Beatrix Laanen



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