Time lapse photography EXTREME

This astonishing three minutes is comprised of 45,000 shots taken over three and a half years from the same spot by Parisian photographer Ramon. The film documents the destruction of one building and the construction of another in its place.

Would you have the patience and foresight to pull such a thing off?



  1. trunkguy

    This is very clever although I have to wonder how he managed to keep the camera in the same position for so long.

    I like the post production of the film as well – he obviously put a lot of time and effort into it.

    As for whether I would thought of it – no – but I bet they’re be loads like it now…

    • eguinan

      I did a bit of digging through the comments and he answers that very question:

      “the dslr is fixed on a wooden box of 1 meter with 100 pounds of sand inside. It is installed on the roof of a building at the heliport of Paris. This place is very safe :)) All the gear is waterproof.
      There is a permanent usb cable to download the pics every 15 days. I corrected the small shifts in post-tproduction with After Effects.”


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