Hello new Facebook followers…


Nom nom nom nom nom


First, thanks for the ‘Like’; I’ll try to keep you supplied with musical titbits and you’ll be the first to know about the latest mixes. My style, as you’ll know, is big room house with an emphasis on vocals and an occasional indie curveball thrown in to keep things as interesting for the head as they might be for the feet.

  • If you like what you’ve already heard, you can explore the older mixes on the Mixes page. You can also delve into my mixes folder over on Mediafire.
  • Subscribe through iTunes and my latest mixes will automagically come to you
  • Pop over to Soundcloud and you can leave a comment at the exact point you wish (e.g. “Wtf is this?”)
  • If you’re a PodOMatic person, I’m there as well.
  • You’ve probably come from Facebook, but if not, I’m there too.
  • Other than that, I’m also on Twitter, last.fm and god knows where else.

Do let me know how the mixes are going down. Whether it’s hoovering in Stoke Newington, jogging in Hong Kong, dancing with you pals in Mexico or having some, um, adult gatherings in South London – I love to hear what you get up to when listening!

Incidentally, my favourite negative comment was “give up djing and go and be a barman i reckon you’ll find mixing drinks easier”. Ouch, but very funny.

Delighted to have you aboard the house train.



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