Daddy’s mp3reets: Joe Chester, Gypsy & The Cat (again), Toro Y Moi

Joe Chester: Take Me With U (Prince cover)

I’ll probably be shot, but the original Take Me With U [Spotify] by Prince & The Revolution never did much for me. How strange then that Joe Chester’s glossy version manages to be brooding, a bit sexy and an altogether better proposition.

You can download it for free as part of his Contre la Montre EP which also features covers of Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen and the Beach Boys.

Gypsy & The Cat: Sight Of A Tear

Now I’ve heard all of Gilgamesh, I reckon these guys are less Empire of the Sun and more Fleetwood Mac/Heart/80’s sunny pop. Or imagine if Hurts were a bit less highly-strung and got some sun. And this is no bad thing at all.

The annoying thing is that the album won’t be available outside their native Australia for months yet forcing one to either wait or find alternative means. Weirdly, it’s on Spotify.

Toro Y Moi: Blessa

So I now live in London, the cultural capital (sorry New York, I just don’t feel it) and how many hip n happening gigs have I been to? Feck all.

My excuse? A combination of fitting in too smoothly and behaving like a jaded Londoner all too quickly (“The foremost Swiss jazz keyboardist’s only gig in Europe before his death from cancer? Um, is Family Guy on?”), cost (£4 for a can of beer –really?) and bad luck. Anyway, I made it to see Chaz Bundick or Toro Y Moi as he calls himself as he pursues his woozy Luther Vandross-meets-Aphex Twin-in-a-blender-with-fabric softener-and-maybe-some-weed music.

The album is Causers of This [Spotify] and it’s ace. And he’s ace too (he was a complete gentleman as this kinda tipsy Irish chap proferred a CD for autographing!).


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