Little Noise my ass. Paolo Nutini blasts Islington. (Oh, and Rumer) [videos]

He might be pretty and a bit of a stoner (allegedly), but the man can sing. And play. And rock the proverbial house.

Or in this case, Union Chapel in leafy Islington, London. The Scotsman headlined Tuesday’s Mencap Little Noise Session on a bill that featured Rumer being sultry and Bacharach-like, the blues/soulful stylings of youngster Michael Kiwanuka and sweet sass from Jessie J.

Why, here’s Rumer now, singing her delightfully languid sensation: Slow!

Many concert-goers tut tut at peeps like me who feel the urge to take pics and video. ‘Experience the moment‘, they whine say. Fine, but what if I want to experience the moment again? And share the moment with people who weren’t there?

Enjoy the clips!


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