5 minutes with Arcade Fire in London

Only three albums (and a dodgy EP) and this gig felt like a greatest hits (even though Win reminded us that they ‘had no hits’).

Much like everyone else, I got a bit excited when Funeral came out what with all the HUGE POTENTIAL STADIUM ANTHEMS. Neon Bible was a bit like someone shouting at you solidly for an hour: We are BIG! We sing about BIG THINGS! Where is OUR STADIUM!?! But this year’s The Suburbs is sublime – there’s light and shade, some electronic squigglery and a theme that one can more easily relate to.

It’s good to see an act develop, and fantastic to see them enjoy themselves on stage (that keyboard/drummer really gives it socks).

Anyway, above is my 5 mins of wobbly moments of bliss from the O2 last night. They’re doing the UK and Ireland now, so go see ’em (if you not snowed under in all senses).

Below is AF doing Sprawl in Munich, one of my fave tracks on the new album (courtesy of karina1812p).

Will you just look at them scores on Metacritic?


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