It’s Mix Time! Tear Gas

Aidan, 24, very much enjoys the Keljet remix of Rolling In The Deep.

Adele! Duck Sauce! Eric Prydz! Alexis Jordan via Freemasons! Pnau! Some random woman repeating a list of foodstuffs on a loop! It’s Daddy or Chips?’ first mix of 2011 and it’s full on housey goodness.


  1. Good Girl (Freemasons Club Mix) * Alexis Jordan
  2. The Truth (Chris Lake Remix) * Pnau
  3. Niton (The Reason)  * Eric Prydz
  4. Hold On to Your Misery (DREAMTRAK DIAMOND SOUND Remix) * Cocknbullkid
  5. Satisfy * Andrea Masullo feat. Lizzy B
  6. Do My Thang * Danny Darko/Toni Lewis feat. K Nine
  7. Y.S.L.M. (You Stopped Loving Me)  * Burns and Fred Falke
  8. Without You (Fonzerelli Top Gun Remix) * Digital Glitter
  9. You’re Nasty (Vocal Mix) * Duck Sauce
  10. Tomorrow * Paul Thomas & Jerome Isma-ae
  11. Rolling in the Deep (Keljet Remix) * Adele
  12. Run To My Rescue (Signum vs Al-Exander remix) * Shogun feat. Emma Lock
  13. Goes Deeper (Morris Corti Remix) * Alessandro Viale feat. Vaanya Diva

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May I ask a favour? Occasionally the Kopyright Police get zealous and order Mediafire (my useful but kinda spineless hosts!) to yank away a mix without telling me. If you have any difficulty with the links, would you mind letting me know either here or by email? I’m at daddyorchipsblog[at]gmail[dot]com.

Download Tear Gas (64min continuous mix)

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