Daddy’s mp3reets: Arcade Fire, Rumer, Theophilus London, Bettye Swan, Christian Walz

Basically sh1tloads of wonderful music appears every single day. How to work though it?*

Oh look, Arcade Fire AND Blondie!

Sometimes you learn to appreciate two separate acts via a rather well-done mashup. Here’s the most electro track on Arcade Fire’s album mushed up with Blondie’s Heart Of Glass:

Other times, a track is pushed your way when discussing Eurovision on Twitter (thanks Orn).

Christian Walz: Wonderchild

Christian Walz being cute

Sometimes you hear an older track reinterpreted in a fresh way, like Rumer doing Joan Armatrading’s Love and Affection:

Rumer being rumery

Other times it’s a very random older track which comes your way deserves an airing. Amazingly passive-aggressive, but it sounds convincing.  Hello Bettye Swann – Be Strong Enough To Hold On:

Bettye Swan lounging

And sometimes, it’s just all fresh. Hello US rapsperson Theophilus London feat. Sara Quin:

Theophilus London being a hipster.

I ♥ music.

* You can download any of these by right-clicking (or equivalent) on the headings. Do support the artist if you like what you hear.



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