Daddy’s Mp3reets: Foster The People, Kisses, Marc Johnce

Every other day I read something about improving the quality of life by getting more sleep, imposing an electronic curfew and unplugging from social networks. Apart from the irony of finding this stuff at 4:30 a.m. while having a sneaky surf under the duvet, I can’t help feeling that my quality of life would take a nose dive were I not able to a) happen upon lovely musical treats and b) let them orchestrate the internal movie of my life as I go about my business. Yes, I should probably be reading a book or something but I might miss something….*

1. Music to wander around Shoreditch in the sunshine, mingling with hipsters: Foster The People‘s Pumped Up Kicks

2. Music to walk home unsteadily but with joie de vivre: KissesKisses

3. Music to acknowledge nostalgia but reassure yourself you still like new music: Marc Johnce‘s Hello In Electric Dreams



*Just in case you are feeling anxious about switching off, philosopher Alain de Botton asks if ‘our relentless focus on novelty is distracting us from deep reflection’


And if all that overwhelms you, why not try this 3 minute meditation to get you back in the room?



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