It’s Mix Time: Asthma Attack

Thankfully, I’m not badly afflicted with the asthma; my inhalers remain for the most part stowed away until my lungs start to disintegrate in winter. I blame the bout of pneumonia I got when I was a tot. Memorable because it was my only stay in hospital and my aunt gave me a magazine about Abba. See, I was into them waaaay before you…

Back on topic. It was 22°C today and yesterday in London and this is not only welcome and amazing for many, many reasons, it reminded me that I need to have a soundtrack for those sunshine chores such as watering the plants and monitoring the park behind the apartment for sunbathers.

Shall we?

The title track of this selection is by cocknbullkid, a lass from Hackney, so a neighbour of sorts, whose delightful tune here is a love song to London which she seems loyal to even though it provokes her asthma. I’m sure it’s deeper than that. It could also be about a person called ‘London’. It doesn’t matter; it grooves.

Apart from that, it’s back to swingy Wendy House courtesy of Freemasons (doing their fast bit-slow bit-fast bit trick with Yasmin); Scandinavian ladies Oh Land and Loreen, who inexplicably didn’t make the Swedish national Eurovision finals with her track; and the return of Sharam, who’s perversely named ‘Fun’ will be the final track I use if I ever give up mixage. You will blub!

Oh, if you are a dance music producer in the light trance style, I reckon there are quite enough dreamy songs called ‘Falling’ at this stage now, cheers!


1.    Break My World (Inpetto Remix Edit) * Micha Moor & Epiphony
2.    My Heart Is Refusing Me (Amarillo & Finer Remix Long Version) * Loreen
3.    Finish Line (Freemasons Club Mix) * Yasmin
4.    Fun (Clubhouse Mix) * Sharam feat. Anousheh Khalili
5.    Empty Streets (Haji & Emanuel Remix) * Late Night Alumni
6.    Sun of a Gun (Ian Pooley Remix – Radio Edit) * Oh Land
7.    Rescue Me (Dean Rigg & Christian Hoff Remix) * Chris Kaeser, StoneBridge & Anita Kelsey
8.    Rolling In The Deep (Cheyenne Giles Mash) * John Legend vs Adam K
9.    Asthma Attack (WaWa Extended Mix) * Cocknbullkid
10.   Love Is Darkness * Sander Van Doom feat. Carol Lee
11.    Miracle Moments * Andy Duguid feat. Leah
12.    Falling (Disfunktion Remix) * Danny Dove & Ben Preston
13.    Beautiful World (Original Club Mix) * Tiësto & Mark Knight feat. Dino

Look, a promo video!

Download Asthma Attack (65 mins continuous mix)



  1. John

    Thanks for the music, keep it comming. I just saw Grace Jones in concert in Melbourne Australia. Two hours of old and new with a live band, costume changes, add a voice that seems stronger, and the style that can only be Grace. Fantastic! If it comes your way be there.

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