I will run through London and try not to throw up if you give me a fiver.

On Monday, 11th June next, you may open your newspaper or online news purveyor of choice to see a most harrowing image.

A very crimson-faced, sweating man will be bent over somewhere in central London, possibly asphyxiated, maybe about to throw up.

In 23 days, I will attempt to run 10 kilometres (or about 6.5 miles in old money) for charidee. I’m not much of an athlete so this means I must train – as in actually run outside with people watching and everything. The shame.

The full grim training diary can be followed on The 10K Run but right now, I reckon that’s a good enough reason for you to sponsor me a digital fiver, non? Non-UK peeps have to PayPal me (long story…) but all monies will get to where they should.

Give Tacade a fiver and we all win in the following ways:

  • Tacade: Gets dosh which it needs (cheers Dave ‘Big Society’ Cameron!)
  • You: Feelgood Factor and regular hilarious footage of me being sweaty.
  • Me: Um…


Here’s my first training video. Look at my big sweaty head.


More about Tacade.
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