It’s Mix Time: Occupy London

Occupy Musically

Inspired by those dreamers that have set up camp nearby and shook things up in the City, I’ve put together a mix that is abrim with hot new things. If I may say, the first five tracks constitute one of the more thrilling openings in any of my mixes*.

We’ve got Coldplay’s already-anthemic ‘Paradise’ getting the euphoric Fedde Le Grand treatment; Mr Fingers making ‘Internet sensation’ Lana Del Rey even slinkier; and Chris Rea once more being Balearic’d by Ministry of Funk.


  1. Room for Happiness * Kaskade feat. Skylar Grey
  2. Paradise (Fedde Le Grand Remix) * Coldplay
  3. I Still Love You * Switch & Andrea Martin
  4. Mark Me Down (ReOrder Deep Mix) * Michael S.
  5. All My Love * Ministry of Funk
  6. Circles (Jeremy Olander Remix) * Digitalism
  7. Aankhon Ke Saagar * Jay Dabhi
  8. Video Games (Mr Fingers Remix) * Lana Del Rey
  9. Don’t Give Up (Mike Candys & Kwan Hendry Remix) * Kwan Hendry feat. Soulcream
  10. When Angels Sing * Donae’o
  11. Somebody That I Used To Know (Dan Aux Remix) * Gotye feat. Kimbra
  12. A Storm (Jono Buchanon Mix) * Anka-I-Rain
  13. Crazy Love (Dada Remix) * Rui Da Silva feat. One

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*A few dodgy ones a bit later, but by then we’ve committed, right?



      • Andrew Farach-Colton

        Yay! Thank you so much, E!

        Yes, I got the newest mix via iTunes at 128.

        I have to tell you: I woke up in a foul mood this morning, listened to the Occupy London mix on my way to the gym and — presto, change-o — I felt elated and happy. I’m so delighted to have discovered your blog, and will be passing the good news to my dance-loving friends.

        Oh, and I found you because I was searching for a downloadable copy of “Need to Feel Loved” by Reflekt (which does not seem to be available for purchase anywhere — argh!). I love how melancholy that song is. I don’t know if you entertain requests, but…how about an all-melancholy mix? Hmm?

        Thanks, again!


  1. eguinan

    What a great story! Thanks for sharing, Andrew.

    Delighted to have you on board and great suggestion about a melancholy mix. I do really like that sort of HappySad thing myself.


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