It’s Mix Time! Tough Aesthetic

The title of this mix is a reference to the ArcelorMittal Orbit by Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond. Balmond accepts the criticism of the structure commissioned for the London Olympics saying that it’s a ‘tough aesthetic’. Indeed.

There’s really nothing tough about this mix at all. I think it’s rather smashing (if I may be so bold – I’m equally upfront when I think it’s ropey, so indulge me).

And some very educational tracks this time too. Deadmau5 references a freaky Ray Bradbury short story from 1951 and Dubplate Dionysus pay a tribute to New York drag documentary Paris Is Burning.

The rest is the usual bubblegum of love and dancing.

And horses.

  1. Heartbreaker – Steve Aoki Feat. Lovefoxxx
  2. Amour – Aron Scott feat. Lydia Scarfo
  3. The Veldt – Deadmau5 feat. Chris James
  4. Share The Love – Richard Dinsdale
  5. Night Air (Consoul Trainin Private Remix) – Jamie Woon
  6. Upcoming Legendary (Daddy Or Chips? Cheeky Extension) – Dubplate Dionysus
  7. Start Again (Passenger 10 Rework) – Leventina, Chris Reece feat. Deb Peyton
  8. Frayed Of The Light  (Wehbba Remix) – X-Press 2 & Timo Garcia feat. Amber Jolene
  9. Silhouettes – Avicii feat. Salem Al Fakir
  10. Timeless (Dinka Remix) – Ben Coda & Ad Brown
  11. Disco (Yuksek Remix) – The Young Professionals
  12. Night Track (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix) – Sasha
  13. Back To Me (Jimpster Dub) – Manuel Tur
  14. Only the Horses (Calvin Harris Extended Mix) – Scissor Sisters

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