Saint Etienne have got your music, or you have theirs (or something)

Screenshot from Saint Etienne video showing fan holding a Pet Shop Boys single.

Saint Etienne‘s latest album campaign has been taking full advantage of social media. The video for second single ‘I’ve Got Your Music’ takes on the tricky user-generated content approach with charming results.

A while back, they asked fans to submit video clips of themselves with their favourite pieces of music (a touching tribute to vinyl).

Have a look and count how many Pet Shop Boys and KLF records appear.



    • eguinan

      I don’t know what I’ve chosen either. My vinyl is all back in Ireland. Maybe the original ‘Now That What’s I Call Music!’ from 1983?

      • orn

        When I think about it some more, then “A broken frame” by Depeche Mode or “Violator” would have been picked…but there are just so many great covers, some with even greater sentimental value as well out there

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