Hed Kandi: “Must Try Harder”

Hed Kandi have released Ibiza 10 Years and say it ‘has the biggest tracklist to date showcasing global icons on the frontline of house music’.Cover of Hed Kandi 'Ibiza 10 Years' album

The public see it differently.

Punters don’t tend to hold back online when they don’t like something (read ‘below the line’ on almost any site to see how quickly things get nasty). Most of this bile is more therapeutic for the writer than it is of any great interest to the general reader. This little review on iTunes UK greatly amused me though.

There’s something wonderfully passionate about the scorn that this reviewer has for the Hed Kandi compilation. S/he is quite simply offended by the lazy selection and one gets a real sense of quiet fury of this latest betrayal.

Long may his/her passion for music continue.

Grab of review of Hed Kandi compilation from iTunes UK


‘Shed Kandi’ by Audio Rebel


Two stars out of five.

I am surprised that anyone who has been to Ibiza & fully experienced Hed Kandi being smacked-up to the eyeballs will even remember anything. This compilation, however, will be for those who’ve never been, don’t actually recall going or aren’t a serious clubber. Whoever compiled this tracklist very likely was under the influence of some Class A substance when their boss scribbled in crayon on a pizza box to ‘fink up sum choons’ that an 18 year old Essex builder would like to play in his Volkswagen Golf.



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